Questions to ask before entering a program:

    • What will be the total cost of the degree?
    • How much debt will I be taking on?
    • What is the interest rate?
    • How long will it take me to pay off this debt?
    • What will the monthly payments be?
    • What are the starting salaries for this career?

High Priority Occupations List

High Priority Occupations (HPO) are occupations that are in demand by employers, have a higher skill needs and most likely provide family sustaining wages. Pennsylvania lists High Priority Occupations by region, York is in the South Central Region. To view Pennsylvaniaa��s HPO list,

Research Salary and Job Demand

The data on this site was gathered from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics through Check out the website for more information about salary information and projected demand for jobs in your interest area. The site is user friendly and geographically specific.

College Affordability and Transparency Center

The U.S. Department of Education website offers a College Affordability and Transparency Center at Start here to find information about how much it costs students to attend different colleges, how fast those costs are going up, and information related to why costs are going up.

Links to student loan calculators:


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