Every student has personal reasons for choosing a career, and your son or daughter is no different. LearnA�some reasons why your student mayA�choose to attend a career and technology center.


No matter where your son or daughter’s interests lie, career and technology centers provide expert training in a wide range of careers. The hands-on experience will give them an edge for high-demand, well-paying jobs.

The hands-on training students receive prepares them to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation. Their education does not have to stop there. Graduates of career and technology centers have the flexibility to move on to receive more certifications, a two-year degree and beyond.


When your son or daughter comes to you to discuss attending a career and technology center, listen. They’re making a choice that requires a commitment that will give them the strength and focus to succeed in life. To become someone you’ll be proud of.

Research Opportunities and Costs

There are several Resources listed within this website to research Career Opportunities including starting salaries and annual projected job openings. There are also resources to calculate the costs to obtain the necessary post-secondary education. Help your student to be an educated consumer as they develop their post-secondary plans.